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Yoga classes, events and retreats in Berkshire and Oxfordshire as well as online classes


I believe that real yoga is not about standing on your head and contorting yourself into knots. Yoga is about finding your centre. It’s a way of developing inner strength.

Yoga embodies the art of release—a practice that encourages you to free yourself from the burdens and clutter you carry. It serves as a profound journey of self-discovery, fostering heightened observation and awareness. Engaging in yoga offers a precious opportunity to be present with yourself, fostering honesty and tenderness in your connection with the Self. It acts as a method of delicately peeling away the layers, unveiling the authentic essence within you. Through consistent yoga practice, you cultivate the resilience to confront life's challenges with unwavering steadiness and stability.

Yoga is extremely beneficial for our holistic wellbeing, nurturing both mental and physical health. I provide a range of classes in Newbury and Wantage, available through in-person and online options:

  • Gentle Hatha Flow Yoga
  • Deep Rest & Relax Yoga
  • Yin Yoga
  • Ayurveda

Additionally, I organise workshops and retreats throughout the year, offering enriching experiences to deepen your connection with yoga.

Yoga group childs pose with me


I offer a range of classes including hatha flow, gentle hatha, Yin and Deep Rest & Relax yoga.   In-person classes and online class options.

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Wake Up and Yoga

Fancy short 30 minute sessions of yoga x 3 a week? 

Come and join our Wake Up and Yoga group.  You can join me in real time via Zoom or catch up with the replays on-demand.  Please click photo for more information.


Healing Ayurvedic Retreat Morning

Sunday 5th May from 10.00 am  - 1 pm, The Chapel, East Ilsley

Join Rachel & Beth for a heart opening and restorative retreat infused with Ayurvedic wisdom.  

Join us for an opportunity to rise, restore and create delicate space for yourself with gentle, heart centered yin yoga, a gratitude practice and crystalline sound.  There will also be rose chai tea and ayurvedic treats.  Please click photo for more information.

Contact Beth

If you would like any more information about yoga classes you can reach me on 07790 015762. You can also contact me by mailing me at beth@beyoga.co.uk 

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