It is important that you are comfortable. So you don’t want to wear something that is too tight and restrictive, or something that is too baggy and gets in the way. Most ladies wear leggings and t shirts and the men generally wear shorts or jogging bottoms and t-shirts. We work barefoot so you don’t need to worry about shoes.

If you have paid for a course of classes you are welcome to come along to another session as long as it is within the same term.

Yoga is amazing – even if you only practice for an hour each week you will experience the benefits of the practice. If you can manage to practice for an hour or so two or three times a week fantastic. You will certainly notice the difference. If you can only do 20 minutes per session, that’s fine too. Don’t let time constraints or unrealistic goals be an obstacle – do what you can and don’t worry about it. You will probably find that after a while your desire to practice expands naturally and you will find yourself doing more and more.

Yes! Many people think that they need to be flexible before they can practice yoga, but that’s a little bit like thinking you need to be able to swim in order to take swimming lessons. Come as you are and you will find that yoga practice will help you become more flexible. Yoga is non competitive, and each person at class is encouraged to work at their own pace. This new found agility will be balanced by strength, coordination and enhanced health, as well as a sense of physical confidence and general well-being.

You will need a sticky yoga mat. I have a few spares that I bring with me to class that you are welcome to borrow. I also use props within the lessons such as blocks and belts. Again, I always bring lots of spares with me to class. A blanket or a large beach towel will be useful during relaxation but also to make some of the postures during each session more comfortable. Please look at the ‘equipment’ section for details of products that I can supply.

I would advise against having a meal within the 2 hours prior to a class. During each session we will be bending forwards and backwards, twisting and inverting the body. This may be particularly uncomfortable with a full tummy. If you feel you might get hungry or weak during a class than experiment with a light snack such as yoghurt, a few nuts, or juice about 30 minutes prior to class.

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