A selection of meditations and pdf’s for home practice

meditation space

Beth’s guided relaxation for deep rest (10 minutes)

This guided relaxation is ten minutes long and can be done at any time of the day, or even when you go to bed.  All you need is a warm, quiet space where you can lie down comfortably.  You might like to put a bolster (or pillow) behind your knees, and a soft pillow under your head.  I hope you enjoy it.  Click below to listen.

yoga inner calm

Yoga for Inner Calm – A restorative yoga practice

We are facing challenging times which can have a detrimental affect to our stress levels. This restorative practice will help you to relax and reconnect with an inner sense of calm. All you need is a quiet space and props including a bolster, blocks and blanket. Cushions and pillows make great substitutes if you don’t have any of these things. Print it out and follow step by step at your own time. If you prefer a guided practice I teach a monthly restorative yoga class monthly on a Sunday from 6-7pm at Stockcross Village Hall. The next one is on 24th October.

yoga watering can

Yoga for Gardeners

It’s that time of year when I get lots of messages from people saying that they have strained themselves through overdoing it with gardening. With our nation in lockdown and some recent sunny weather this year is no exception. Click on the link below for a PDF for a post gardening yoga sequence. You can print it out and practice it to help ease any aches and pains. Another top tip of mine if to relax in an Epsom salt bath to relieve aching muscles.


Beth’s mindful natural breath awareness practice

Click on the audio link below for an 11 minute guided practice. You will need to be warm and sitting comfortably for this.


Beth’s 5 minute morning meditation

Click on the audio link below for a 5 minute morning meditation. The perfect way to get your day off to a great start