Yoga and Ayurveda Course


A four week course live streamed on Zoom

Monday 12, 19, 25 October and 2nd November from 6.45-8.00pm

4 weeks = £50

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Ayurveda is considered to be the sister science to yoga – think of it like the other side of the same coin.  Ayurveda, meaning ‘knowledge of life’, offers a deep appreciation of the fundamental components of living holistically in accordance with the principles of nature.  At my yoga classes I often share snippets of information from an Ayurvedic perspective.  In this four week course we shall be delving deeper into this fascinating topic.  You will learn:

Week 1 – What is Ayurveda?  What is your Ayurvedic constitution?

Week 2 – The five elements and the three doshas.

Week 3 – What are the conditions that challenge well-being?

Week 4 – How to adapt.  Kitchen pharmacy and lifestyle.  Daily and seasonal routines.

Each session will begin with a 15 minute knowledge-sharing topic as outlined above.  This will be followed by an hour’s practice of yoga with an Ayurvedic approach.

You will also receive handouts (via email) as well as links to recordings of each session to accompany the course.  This course will be kept to 10 students maximum.